Finding the perfect hotel- How we do it....

Hotel Sourcing


Let us increase your purchasing power and uncover hotel options at rates  lower than you can find on your own. We become an extension of your team  work to meet  or exceed your expectations every time.    We save you time and money and there is never a fee for our services. 

State of the art database


Our hotel sourcing system is state of the art.  We can send out your specs to hundreds of properties across the USA within minutes.  We will have results to you in less than 24 hours.    Our database is always updated, ensuring we do not miss the newest properties. 

Assistance along the way


Planning a meeting starts with finding the right hotel and ends with paying the final invoice.  Accommodations 4 All is here to help with every step.   We start by sourcing all the appropriate hotels.  Our sophisticated data base ensures no hotel is missed.   We work with hotels to negotiate for the best overall package and help with contract review, hotel site visits and monitoring guest room pick up. 

Don't worry, we've got your back.   

Site Content

WHO's helping YOU to find a hotel for your next meeting?


FACT:  Most meeting planners use a hotel site selection partner to assist them with locating a hotel for their meetings.

WHY?:  Because a hotel site selection partner is experienced working with hotels, they have many connections with hotels around the world, they know how to negotiate for the lowest prices, they know all the right questions to ask and they look out for your best interest and most importantly, they save  you time to do other tasks.  

Who's got YOUR back?   Don't do it alone.  A third party site selection partner will help to ensure you've thought of everything, anticipating possible issues before it's too late, advising you of best hotel choices, assisting with contract negotiations and ensuring you don't overpay for anything.  Most site selection companies goal is to save you time, money and piece of mind knowing someone else is looking out for your best interest.  

Make sure your represented before your next meeting.